Thursday August 3, 2017

At the Bali Hai

At 7:00PM. Address below.


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    • Bali Hai Restaurant
    • Point Loma
    • San Diego, CA 92109

    • Bali Hai Restaurant
    • 2230 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, California
    • (619) 222-1181 ‎

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    San Diego Rod And Reel Club


    August 3rd at the Bali Hai 7PM
    Early Tournament Sign-up Drawing!
    Prominent Guest Speakers and Major Vendors!

    PEPE'S Awesome Fish Tacos!


    A word from our Big Fish Director

    Well, it’s that time again. As you know, this is our biggest tournament of the year. The Seminar will be on the 3rd of August, (1 dollar fresh fish tacos) and the Captain's Meeting on the 25th of August. Fishing will be for two days and the banquet on the 27th of August.

    It is a lot of work to put on such a great and well-known event, so we are looking for people to help on the committee. Please contact Rhonda at any meeting or event and let her know that you can donate some of your time. The event is a fund raiser to take kids fishing, so you can feel proud knowing that you contributed to such a great cause.

    We have been working hard to bring you a great event. This year is our 34th Anniversary of the Big Fish Tournament. The tournament starts off with a seminar and will be held on August 3rd with Pepe's fish tacos.

    We will be outdoors in our regular area, so show up early and have some drinks. Don't forget, Pepe and Crew will be hard at work creating those mouthwatering fish tacos and salsa. It has been great that Pepe is willing to do this for us each year. We have had some great donations of fresh fish from a lot of you (thanks), so it will be freshly caught meat on those tacos.


    34th BIG FISH Tournament

    From the Director

    Next will be the tournament. It starts off with the captains meeting at the Wave on August 25th (mandatory for all captains to attend). The tournament fishing starts after the captains meeting at 7:01pm and ends at 10am Sunday. It looks like we are going to have one of the best years of fishing we have seen in a long time.The banquet will be on Sunday August 27th starting at 12pm at Silver Gates Yauchet Club. It is really going to be great food and a fantastic raffle. It is open to the public, so bring a friend.


    August 26th and 27th

    Benefiting Kids Fishing Programs

    Side Jackpots

    Three Separate Side Jackpots, $100 Per Pot, Per Boat, ~ Best of Three largest fish will be weighed for each pot

    (Tuna) ********* (Yellow Tail) ********* (Halibut, WSB, Dorado)


    FRIDAY August 25, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the WAVE, Near Shelter Island Launch Ramp (Captain's Meeting is mandatory and last chance for tournament sign-up)

    34th BIG FISH Banquet

    August 27th at the SilverGates Yachet 12PM

    31st BIG FISH RESULTS September 14, 2014

    TUNA (1633 + 1500 gift card to Fishersman Landing )
    1st Place:John Phemons Blue Fin Tuna at
    YELLOW TAIL(1021 + 1000 gift card at Fishersman Landing)
    2st Place:Chad Reed Yellow Tail at 10.9lbs
    IFGA(720 + 500 gift card at Fishersman Landing)
    3rd Place:Lawrenie Dutten Yellow Tail at 9.2 lbs


    TUNA ($1500 and $1000 spending spree at Fisherman's Landing )
    1st Place: Eddie Torres Blue Fin Tuna at 17.0 lbs
    YELLOW TAIL($1000 and $500 spending spree at Fisherman's Landing)
    1st Place: Eddie Howerton Yellow Tail at 10.9lbs
    2nd Place: Elisio Sisneros Yellow Tail at 9.2 lbs
    IFGA($750 and $250 spending spree at Fisherman's Landing)
    1st Place: Mike McGrath 17.2 lbs Dorado
    2nd Place: Steve Gardella 12.8 lbs Halibut

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