Upcoming Events 2014

Crystal pier/Hotdogs 7/26
Club Meeting Bali Hai 8/07
PATTY HOPPER Tournament 8/23

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Welcome to the San Diego Rod and Reel Club!

Upcoming Events!

San Diego Rod And Reel Club
July 10th meeting at the Bali Hai

Alex will barbecue ribs for everyone so don?t eat too much before the meeting. We will have Ron Baker speaking about using anchovies to catch tuna. This is an important topic since the Yellowfin are here and there aren't a lot of Sardines available. Lou and Ellie have put together another great raffle of course, and also a ladies basket raffle, thanks to the well appreciated efforts of Janet Fleming.

Fishing on the Chief in September

Several of us are taking the Chief on September 4th 2.5 day fishing trip.

  • There is only 4 spots left so sign up and let Alex know if you are going. Email me at Alex at alex@sandiegorodandreel.com if you sign up for it. Chris on the Chief has always been a great supporter of your club.

    Check The Moon and Tide


    Big Lobsters!! 63 Fish Young Kids Catch A Lot of Fish Girl With Very large Trout It's not a fish, but this little girl certainly had a big catch as the winner for a girls bike give-away.