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PATTY HOPPER Tournament 8/23
Big Fish Seminar 8/26

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Upcoming Events!

San Diego Rod And Reel Club
Tuesday August 26th meeting at the Bali Hai

We are pleased to announce that we will have Darin Dohi, formerly CEO of Seeker Fishing Rods as our guest speaker. Darin is now with United Composites and FishandHuntBaja.com. United Composites manufactures high level rod blanks and finished rods. Darin is a leader in the fishing rod industry having devised innovative manufacturing techniques for Seeker. We will have a repeat of Pepe's delicious fish tacos. I can hear him whipping up the batter and sauces as we speak. It is a religious process and no one can do it like Pepe! Michael, Rolly, Lou and Ellie have been hard at work getting donations for the super raffle at the Big Fish Seminar.

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Big Lobsters!! 63 Fish Young Kids Catch A Lot of Fish Girl With Very large Trout It's not a fish, but this little girl certainly had a big catch as the winner for a girls bike give-away.