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Meeting Bali Hai Thursday Jan 3rd

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Welcome to the San Diego Rod and Reel Club!

Club's Meeting
Bali Hai Restruant
January 3rd at 7pm

Our Guest speaker will be Rex Finney (The bulletin indicates that Dennis Burlason is speaking but he will be with us in March instead.) Rex will be accepting the club’s sportsman of the year award for the third time in February. He was a commercial sword fisherman for many years and since has mastered the art of catching Bass. He will speak on that subject sharing some of his well-guarded fishing secrets with us. We will also get some participation from the group with Bass tips. So this will be an intensive Bass fishing session that will be helpful for our first tournament of the year in March. There is more info on the meeting in the club bulletin.

Who We Are

The San Diego Rod and Reel Club was established in 1982, a not for profit saltwater fishing club. The purpose of our club is to be a leader in the conservation of fish stock while promoting the future of fishing, family, fun, and friendship. We promote and enhance the sportsmanship of recreational fishing, safe boating, and angling competition among club members. We bring fisherman, families, and friends together share similar experiences, and ideas.

Monthly Meetings

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the beautiful setting of the Bali Hai Restaurant overlooking San Diego Bay, in Point Loma.

We offer our anglers up to date information, social activities, club tournaments and monthly meetings. Each meeting has experts speakers that are informative with a wealth of knowledge in the area of sports fishing. Our fishing tournaments are for all ages that are held throughout the year for cash and prizes.

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