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Club Meeting at the Bali Hai 09/10
YellowTail Tournament 09/19

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Welcome to the San Diego Rod and Reel Club!

Next meeting is on
September 10th, 7:00PM at Bali Hai

Come and join us at the Bali Hai on September 10th. We have Steve Pazol, the new President of CCA-CAL San Diego Chapter as our guest speaker.

The purpose of CCA is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources. The objective of CCA is to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public.

"Conserving the resource and anglers' access to it."

Coastal Conservation Association is an organization of thousands of recreational anglers and outdoor enthusiasts working for the conservation and enhancement of our marine resources and coastal environments.

CCA was created in 1977, after drastic commercial overfishing along the Texas coast had decimated redfish and speckled trout populations. A group of 14 concerned recreational anglers gathered in a local tackle shop to create the Gulf Coast Conservation Association to turn the tide for conservation. Only four years later, gill nets along the Texas coast were outlawed and both red drum and speckled trout were declared game fish.

This previously unimaginable victory launched a new era in marine resource conservation.

The successful conservation movement that started with the "Save the Redfish" campaign got the attention of anglers across the Gulf and by 1985, chapters had formed all along the Gulf Coast. By the early ‘90s, the South- and Mid-Atlantic regions had CCA chapters and in 2007, Washington and Oregon chapters were formed in the Pacific Northwest. In 2015, the CCA California chapter was created. The fish are different, but the challenges facing them are often the same on all coasts – destructive commercial gear, degraded habitat and misguided management concepts.

CCA has proven time and again that anglers are the best stewards of the marine environment. They work to protect not only the health, habitat and sustainability of our marine resources, but also the interests of recreational anglers and their access to the resources they cherish. With a growing, well-informed, active membership, CCA continues the mission launched by those 14 visionary anglers so many years ago.

32nd Annual Lou Duchene Big Fish Tournament Finals

The Winners of the Lou Duchene Morial 32nd Big Fish Tournament are:

Bill Fleming 1st place with a 33.1 YellowFin winning a Gift card for 750 dollar at FisherMan’s Landing, a custom Rod by JLO and a trophy

Dean Manley 2nd place with a 30.62 YellowFin winning a Gift card for 500 dollar at FisherMan’s Landing, a custom Rod by JLO and a trophy

Victor Tenorio 3rd place with a 28.8 YellowFin winning a Gift card for 250 dollar at FisherMan’s Landing, a custom Rod by JLO and a trophy

Norm Campbell 4th place with a 28.1 YellowFin wining 250 dollars in cash

Chad Reed 5th place with a 27.5 YellowFin wining 150 dollars in cash

Side Pot winners were

Tuna - JawBarker with a total weight of 83.9

YellowTail – Black Pearl total weight 4.4

IFGA – Black Pearl total weight 6.6

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Big Lobsters!! 63 Fish Young Kids Catch A Lot of Fish Girl With Very large Trout It's not a fish, but this little girl certainly had a big catch as the winner for a girls bike give-away.