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Upcoming Events 2015

Crystal pier 08/01
Big Fish Seminar Marina Village 08/06
Shelter island pier / Hotdogs 08/08
32nd Big Fish Captains meeting 08/14
32nd Big Fish Tournament 08/14-16
32nd Big Fish Banquet 1pm 08/16

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Crystal Pier Kids Tournament

Come to the Crystal Pier Kids Tournament this Saturday, August 1st, and help us cook hot dogs for the kids. There is no better way than to help out with our club theme, taking kids fishing, than helping us cook hot dogs at Captain Ron’s Crystal Pier Kids Tournament. Please be there around 9:30am to help out. Parking is not that difficult. Just park about 5 blocks in from the beach and there should be plenty of spots. The walk to the pier is always pleasant.

32nd Annual Lou Duchene Big Fish Tournament
August 6th, 7:00PM at Marina Village Dockside Room

32nd Big Fish Seminar at the dockside room at marina Village Thursday, August 6th at 7pm. There will be guest speakers and Pepe’s free fish tacos.

Other upcoming events:

Shelter Island pier kids fishing event, Saturday Aug 8th.

32nd Annual Lou Duchene Big Fish Tournament:

Captains meeting Friday, August 14th

32nd Big Fish Tournament August 15-16

32nd Big Fish Banquet 1pm August 16th at the Bali Hai

HarborFest Kids Event August 22nd, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Contact Tim Foote, at 619-227-9133 if you can lend us a hand helping kids learn how to cast at the Chula Vista Harborfest: http://www.cvharborfest.com/

The event is a lot of fun. They have great bands and gourmet foods, wine tasting, etc. If you could volunteer to help out with the kids for a while, it would be greatly appreciated. It is not as hectic as Day at the Docks. The kids will be casting to hoops out in the water using spinning reel rigs. We are stationed at the fishing pier near the entrance to the harbor.

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Big Lobsters!! 63 Fish Young Kids Catch A Lot of Fish Girl With Very large Trout It's not a fish, but this little girl certainly had a big catch as the winner for a girls bike give-away.